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Welcome to Dobrá Tea Vermont

We are a bohemian tea room and loose-leaf tea shop located in Burlington, Vermont. For over for 19 years we have offered 100+ teas, Gluten-Free and Vegan sweets and light fare, and hand crafted teaware to any and all.


Our Story

The origins of Dobra Tea began in Prague during the last few years of Communism. A group of young tea drinkers began meeting to sample rare Indian, Chinese, and Japanese teas which had been smuggled into Czechoslovakia. Read our whole story here.


Shop Tea and Teaware

We directly source the highest quality teas from around the world. We visit the tea fields on an annual basis and participate in the tea harvests in order to provide you with high-quality teas at affordable prices. Additionally, we offer teaware and accessories that we deliver right to your home!


We've moved!

After 18 years on Church Street, we have moved to South Winooski Ave and are thrilled to be open every day!

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