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Our History

The origins of Dobra Tea began in Prague during the last few years of Communism. A group of young tea drinkers began meeting to sample rare Indian, Chinese, and Japanese teas which had been smuggled into Czechoslovakia. Due to a shortage of foreign currency, these teas were only available to the government and military elite.

Then came the “Velvet Revolution” and the fall of Communism in 1989. In 1992, the “Society of Tea Devotees” was formed and the following year we opened the first Bohemian-style tearoom in Prague, Dobra Cajovna. In the following decade, we opened 19 more tearooms across the Czech republic. We welcome you to Dobra Tea Burlington, the first US Dobra to join our tea family.


Tea is a way of life. At our tearoom, we give attention to all the details of the experience. It is our priority to provide a healthy, green, clean and comfortable environment, along with great knowledge of this humble plant.

Our tea is served in handmade pottery or in traditional vessels from tea producing countries of the world. All of our drinking water is filtered to provide the clearest taste and the most subtle notes.

The sitting cushions on our platforms are designed to support the spine for comfortable floor sitting and are filled with renewable buckwheat hulls. The rattan chairs are handmade and the fluffy kapok fiber filled cushions provide a cozy spot to take a break.

The candles that provide a warm glow and cozy ambience are made of palm oil and are paraffin-free. The sweet smell of inspiration comes from our teas themselves, often accompanied by a completely natural incense, wildcrafted from tree resins of Pinon, Cedar, Douglas Fir, Sweetgrass, and Juniper.

All of our cleaning products are green and non-toxic. We strive to use recycled paper products. The hand soap is locally made using essential oils and other natural ingredients. Green plants help to cleanse the air, and an air filter cycles the air throughout the tearoom. During the recent renovations, we used only low VOC products, paints and stains.

Our menu options reflect our commitment to environmentalism and good health. Much of our food is local and organic, and many of our items are made right here in Vermont. We also provide a variety of gluten free and vegan choices. The menu is clearly marked with symbols for Gluten Free (GF), Vegan (V), Local (L), and Organic (O). We do all of this to enhance your experience at Dobra and to maintain a healthy working environment for our staff. We hope to tread lightly on the earth and to wisely use its magnificent bounty.

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