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Touareg Tea

Touareg Tea

Named for the nomadic tribe of Northern Africa, a sweetened green leaf tea mixed with the ground Moroccan "Nana" mint. A Moroccan recipe, this yellow-green infusion and strongly minty aroma is sweet, hot and refreshing, and is traditionally drunk to keep cool in the sweltering heat of the Marakesh markets.
 Recommended mode of preparation: In a warmed approx. 1 litre teapot place 4 scoops of mixture of green china tea and Moroccan NANA mint and 5 scoops full of sugar. Scald the resulting mixture with boiling water, put it on a low heat and stir. Let it simmer for roughly 5 to 10 minutes. The cordial is ready, and the tea is poured through a sieve and the right ratio of cordial to water is 2:1, ( i.e.j. 2/3 of a glass of tea cordial is made up to the top by hot water). We can also serve Tuareg tea in Turkish glasses on a metal base, but without spoons. Good �Tuareg� has a light yellowish color in the glass and is clear, not at all murky. It has an intoxicating smell of mint and sweetness and bitterness compete perfectly in its flavor. Ten glasses seem to be the limit.
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