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Nok Cha 2022

Nok Cha 2022


One Packet


Korean green handmade tea, which qualifies for the Certified Organic label. It is produced and supplied by Mr. Cho who grows the tea in gardens sensitively situated in the local biotope. The Dobra Tea Room expedition visited his farm in 2014. The expedition members were able to collect and make their own tea under the guidance of the master. The name Darack is composed of two Korean words, "Da" means "Tea" and "Rack" translates as "Enjoy". The Dobra Tea Room customers voted it the "Tea of 2014". This light infusion conceals an unseen taste on the boundary between Chinese and Japanese teas. The leaves are gently steamed and then pan-fired to complete the drying process, offering a savory, oceanic flavor. Tea is manufactured in small family farm by hands of Mr. Cho (photo atached) exclusive supplier of Dobra Tea.

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